My Experience of “Cash For Gold”

For our experiment we used “Dollars For Gold” they are quite well known from their TV ad campaign.

First of all I requested a G-Pak by filling out the form on their website, It arrived in the post 2 days later. Inside the G-Pak was some information about selling gold, a plastic resealable bag for the gold jewelry and an insured free post envelope.

I took these two photographs of the chain I wanted to sell, just in case it got lost or mixed up with someone elses.

I have had this chain for ages and it seemed heavy so it would hopefully be worth something.


The chain weighed in at 15 grams and is stamped 9 carot, so should be worth approx $200

Next day I packed everything into the insured envelope and got it posted to dollars for gold.

About 1 week later  I got a check made out for $182.16 but I figured I could do better!

One 5 minute phone call later and I way able to squeeze an extra $40 from them.