Cash For Gold In Canada

Turn Your Old Unwanted Gold Into Cash Today!

Living in Canada and you want to turn old unwanted, broken or scrap gold into cash FAST? Cash for gold in Canada will help you get the highest payouts at the fastest rates possible from Alberta to Quebec exchanging your gold for cash in Canada has never been as easy or as lucrative.

The price of gold is at an all time high so its the perfect time to cash in your scrap, unwanted, unfashionable or broken gold items. Now is the time to hunt out your old dodgy necklaces from the 80’s or gold bracelets that just never seemed to be in style, it’s time to clear out your jewelry box of junk and turn it into cold hard cash!

Turning cash into gold has never been easier, it’s a simple 3 step process.

1: Claim your free insured gold delivery bag.

2: Post off your unwanted gold.

3: Get paid within days!

It won’t cost you a cent to get your gold valued and if you don’t like your valuation or just happen to get sentimental each and every company will send your gold back straight away. No questions asked, no obligation, no time wasting and best of all no unhappy customers!

Broken gold jewelry? No problem, when you swap cash for gold in Canada you are paid by weight so it won’t matter if your gold is damaged or out of fashion. Gold is a sensitive metal it will often twist or break easily ruining an item’s appeal, most of the time these items lie in the bottom of a cupboard or jewelry box, everyone is intent to get them fixed but deep down we know it’s probably not going to happen.

But what about the precious stones or metals? Don’t worry we include these in your final evalution, in fact we accept Sterling Silver, Dental Gold, Diamonds, Platinum, Tangled Gold Chains, Rolexes, Gold Watches, Gold Rings, Earrings, Class Rings and Cluster Rings + much more.

Many people are sitting on a gold mine and they don’t realize it, you could be one of them. Old gold coins, gold bracelet’s, gold watches, gold rings or even golden earrings are more valuable than ever right now and could be worth a lot more than you think, with average payouts of $475+ it could pay you to get a free gold evaluation.

There are lots of people exchanging cash for gold in Canada, in the USA in fact all over the world scrap gold is sought after due to the record high’s raw gold has reached recently. Will gold continue to be so highly priced? Many have said the price of gold has peaked and will most likely decline soon so don’t delay in getting your evaluation.

Calculate how much exactly your gold is worth:

9Ct Gold is worth approx $380+ per ounce

14Ct Gold sells at $550+ per ounce

18Ct Gold trades at $675+ per ounce

24Ct Gold selling at a whooping $900+ per ounce

If you’d like to unlock the cash you have in those hidden treasures around your house order a free evaluation package today and get cash for gold in Canada today!