Cash For Gold Scam

Is Cash For Gold A Scam?

No, It’s only a scam if you give away your gold for next to nothing!

Online cash for gold companies will send out a check within a few days of posting off your gold, most people don’t realize they can haggle to increase the size of that check. If you call them up and act nicely they will almost definitely be willing to increase your payout, a 5 minute phone call and you can squeeze out an extra few dollars profit.

Now unfortunately there are some unscrupulous merchants out there in the world but it is no different than any other way of buying or selling, you just have to know how to protect yourself. Follow these easy steps to make sure you aren’t scammed out of your gold:

  • Only deal with reputable dealers
  • Only post off your gold in an insured bag
  • Before you send off your unwanted jewelery photograph it or video yourself placing your gold into the bag and sealing it.
  • Make sure the company is easy to contact.

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